About Stonebridge Capital Holdings

Stonebridge is a leading financial services corp in Eve Online’s New Eden. We are currently headquartered in Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory.

Our Team


Claire Ishibashi


Why Stonebridge?

Many investments in Eve provide low fixed interest rates which are essentially loans to the investment corp. While these are low-risk to players because they guarantee returns, their low rates provide returns far below their potential. Investment corps typically make much larger returns but they keep the lion’s share.

For example, a typical Eve investment account may have an interest rate of 2%. If the investment corp makes 10% returns on your money, they keep the 8% difference. You never see 80% of the returns.

Stonebridge investments are true investments with a non-fixed interest rate. Instead of low, fixed interest rates, where investment corps reap the returns, your investment grows with the market. Stonebridge charges a fixed rate fee per month. We get the sprinkles but you get the sundae.

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