Stonebridge Arbitrage Fund

A Mutual Fund to help your assets grow safely and quickly.

Stonebridge Arbitrage Fund (SMAF) is a mutual fund that takes advantage of arbitrage in Eve Online to grow assets for Eve corps or players (Investors). Investors can get passive income by investing ISK in return for fund shares whose value is tracked based on the price of assets (items) owned by the fund.

Arbitrage is typically called “station trading” in Eve and is done by buying using buy orders at a low price and selling using sell orders at a higher price. This is often done at the same station, hence the name “station trading”. Arbitrage trading is low risk because the price of buy orders are always lower than sell orders. However, it’s not always predictable how much profit you will make and it requires a lot of orders, so taxes and brokers fees are higher which can hurt profit a bit.

Read the prospectus for more details on the fund strategy and details.

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How Does It Work?

When you invest ISK in the fund you get a number of shares based on the previous day’s closing price. As the fund makes money those shares go up in value. You can then sell your shares at the new price.

You can track the fund’s share price on the fund dashboard. We will also send you monthly updates via Eve Mail on your investment to keep you posted.

Quarterly Reports

SMAF publishes quarterly reports for transparancy to current and potential investors. Please read these reports for information on past performance.

How To Invest

To invest, simply create a private item exchange contract to Stonebridge Capital Holdings. Set “I will pay” to the amount you would like to invest. In the description field add a message indicating you want to buy shares in SMAF (i.e. “SMAF buy shares”). If everything checks out we will finalize your purchase and send you an in-game EVE mail to verify receipt.

Note that, in order to grow the fund at a healthy speed, the fund aims to keep the investments of individual investors from exceeding 10% of the total fund size. This generally means that investments of 5 billion ISK or more will be considered on a case by case basis.

Step 1

Open the contracts window in Eve and click on the Create Contract button. On the first page of the wizard, select “Item Exchange” as the contract type, and “Private” as the availability. Type “Stonebridge Capital Holdings” in the “Name” field.

Click “Next”.

Step 2

We won’t be setting any actual items to exchange so leave this blank. You can set any location as the origin for your contract.

Step 3

Under “I will pay” enter the amount of ISK you would like to invest. Leave “I will receive” set to zero. Set “Expiration” to 4 weeks and enter “SMAF buy shares” in the “Description”. Leave “Also request items from buyer” unchecked. Click “Next”.

Step 4

On the last page review what you entered. Make sure the “Availability” and “I will pay” are correct and click “Finish”.

A confirmation mail will be sent in Eve once your contract is received and fulfilled.


While you retain the majority of the value of your shares some fees apply. A 3% monthly management fee is applied on the first of each month and a 1% sales fee is applied when shares are sold. Read the prospectus for more details.